Adept Tree Care & Removal

The secret to beautiful trees is expert care.

Proper Tree Care

When performed according to standard by a Certified Arborist, pruning can improve a tree’s health, vigor, and beauty. Unproductive branches use valuable moisture and nutrients that could better serve healthy parts of the tree. Improper pruning can be detrimental to your tree. It’s best to have an experienced professional handle it.

Branches overhanging buildings and other structures can pose a danger if high winds bring them down – it’s better to trim or remove the branch(es) before further failure occurs, most likely causing damage or injury.

We are the only tree service in Temple, Texas offering true 24 HOUR EMERGENCY TREE SERVICE!

Safe Tree Removal

Tree removal is a last resort – our rare shady specimens here in Temple, Texas stand and serve for decades.

However, there are times when a tree must be removed for hazard mitigation, health of the tree, health of the surrounding vegetation, or property management.

Adept Arborists can provide a Certified Arborist’s analysis of the tree, and when necessary, we have the equipment, knowledge, and professional skills to remove the tree safely, and leave your property looking great. Of course we are fully licensed and insured for your protection.

Comprehensive Tree Analysis & Care

Urban trees are a very valuable part of every property, especially here in Temple, Texas. Just like fertilizing and grooming your lawn, your trees should be specially cared for in order to promote healthy growth and vigor, and provide shade and protection for your home or business.

Adept Arborists’ Certified Arborist can inspect your trees, and analyze function, environmental contribution, and other particular needs. We can create Certified Arborist Reports to document each trees needs. We will respond with fertilization, disease prevention, healthy pruning and other services as needed to protect your investments.

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